Fire Phoenix Lian Li O11 Dynamic and XL Bottom Panel Plate Cover with ARGB LED Lighting


Designed by Artist: Daniele Caruso

  • This plate is made to fit perfectly for the bottom of your Lian Li PC-O11 Dynamic Computer Case. We use a sandblasted Cast Acrylic Plexi Glass that is 3/16" thick or 4.5mm and is machined to have a dense side-emitting LED strip across the bottom integrated into the panel. We use a UV LED Reactive Dye Sublimation to apply the graphic to the material allowing for a backlit art with unique effects like never before seen. Mounting is made super simple with included double-sided tape. The 3Pin Addressable RGB Header Cable is routed around the side and comes out the back so it can be easily cable managed.

  • Turnaround times are now 1-2 weeks which does not include shipping times mentioned at checkout! Everything is made to order here in Dallas, TX USA! 

3-4 business days delivery to United States