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Custom Design RGB GPU Backplate


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  • We can tailor any design to your exact GPU Model! If your card has a vent pass through for cooling, we will make a cutout for this so there is no effect on your GPUs temperatures. Mounting is made super simple with included double-sided tape and nonconductive magnets!

    All RGB Backplates include a 20 inch (50cm) long 5V 3Pin Addressable Header Cable.

    Let us know which areas you want us to make glow RGB! All areas will be made semi-transparent and backlit over our LED reactive white sublimation. We do not cut out or engrave areas to be clear anymore as it's not as bright as our new method. If you would like us to change the specific color area to white, please let us know, otherwise mention to keep the color of the specified area the same. 

    +$10 for each revision.

  • Turnaround times are now 1-2 weeks which does not include shipping times mentioned at checkout! Everything is made to order here in Dallas, TX USA! 

Our GPU Backplates have no effect on temps. Watch this video below by Tek Vibe with in-depth testing for more info!

1) To install your V1 Tech Custom Graphics Card Backplate, we recommend first removing the graphics card from your PC. 2) If you opt to use the provided magnets for an easily removable installation, first apply the provided double-sided tape to one side of the magnets by peeling the protective plastic on the tape and sticking the tape directly to the magnet. Place the magnets onto the tallest screws* on the back of your graphics card with the tape facing away from the graphics card. If a semi-permanent installation is desired, apply the provided double-sided tape directly to the tallest screws* on the back of your graphics card.

*Note: Ensure that as much surface area is covered as possible, start with the far corners of the graphics card and evenly distribute magnets/adhesive as you work inward to ensure that as much surface area is covered as possible for a secure installation.

3) Peel the protective plastic on the other side of the double-sided tape and position the V1 Tech Custom. Graphics Card Backplate directly over the rear of your graphics card (double-check to ensure that the backplate is oriented the correct way by aligning with any SLI or PCIe power cutouts if present. Press down firmly to secure in place. Install your graphics card into your system.

All our RGB Mod Parts come with this connector on the cable by default. See below options on how to power/control the LEDs.

Option 1 (Included): Connect the RGB Cable directly into your motherboards 3 Pin 5V RGB Header, Razer Chroma Addressable RGB Controller, EKWB D-RGB Loop Connect, or your own 5v 3Pin Controller. Make sure not to connect to a 12V 4 pin header, as that will kill the LEDs.

Option 2 (Optional/Sold Separately): To use the RF remote to control your LEDs simply connect the SATA Power Cable to any SATA Power cable from your power supply unit. Connect the other side to the LED connector.


Option 3 (Optional/Sold Separately): To use Corsair iCUE to control and power your LEDs, simply connect the Corsair iCUE cable adapter to the RGB Cable, and then plug in the adapter into a Corsair Commander Pro or Corsair Node Pro unit. Connect the other side to the LED connector. In Corsair iCUE’s software make sure to set the product to *2 LED STRIPS* as ours are denser!

Option 4 (Optional/Sold Separately): Connect to a Gigabyte/Aorus Motherboard Fusion 5V 3 Pin VDG Header. Connect the other side to the LED connector.


GPU Backplate, double-sided tape, and nonconductive magnets.

Optional: A-RGB remote(SATA Powered)/, Corsair iCUE cable, & Gigabyte Fusion VDG Cable

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50 reviews

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What others are saying

  1. 7 out of 7 people found this helpful

    Overall a really nice product

    alexmdelong (verified owner)

    everything came out really nice and helped me complete the theme however i do wish the entire text was illuminated better the ” gotta catch em all ” is pretty dim , if i knew this would be the case i definitely would have went with just the Pokemon text. I was surprised when no adhesive magnets came with my order , so i ran to hobby lobby and got some for 6$ ( i dont know if they are supposed to come with it honestly)

    Found these guys from kristopher yee’s youtube channel and would still definitely recommend the product.

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  2. 5 out of 5 people found this helpful

    Excellent customer service.

    bcloudj256 (verified owner)

    I ordered the custom design with text lighting. Due to a lack of explanation on what areas are less likely to shine. Part of my design just shows up blank. Though that’s an oversight on my part, but an email from the designer would have been a nice customer service on the company part. The issue I have is that the cable giving to me for the icue does not work right and after roughly a week of explaining they said they will mail me new cables. Well its has been over a week and I have not heard from the company at all or received new cables.

    The only reason I gave them 3 stars is because a friend order a custom backplate at roughly the same time and I see how nice their work can look. Unfortunately I received poor service and a lack luster backplate.

    V1tech reached out to me explaining there was an error with my shipment replacement. This was after my initial review. Errors happens, and I understand perfectly. Once the error was corrected and the miss communication. V1tech customer service was excellent and vary helpful. They even offer to take a look at my design and the lighting. As I mention the design was an over site on my part, and the lighting didn’t fully illuminate the bottom portion of the design well; especially the bottom text portion. I attached an image, and the camera can pick up a little bit more lighting on the “Fixation” portion of the board compared to the naked eye. Nothing on the fault of V1tech, because it’s my design, but mention to help future customer plan their designs better. When I upgrade my graphics card, I will differently be looking for a new customizable backplate from V1tech. I have changed my review from a 3 stars to 5 stars. V1tech did a great job working with me with my icue cabling/rgb strip issue for the backplate lighting.

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  3. One person found this helpful

    Amazing team of people

    alexbrighthd (verified owner)

    Having gone through fitment issues and even a lost (presumably stolen) package, the team at V1 Tech sent out three revisions before I finally was able to fit one in my build. They even let me keep the original one I ordered. After the lost package, I was really bummed out and told them not to worry about it. However, about 2 weeks later I got an email from them saying they sent a new one and it was delivered that day. I walked outside and sure enough it was in my mailbox! The final product has greatly exceeded my expectations, especially when I thought all custom designs were matte. Mine came glossy like I requested and looks absolutely phenomenal. Thanks for the fantastic support!

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    (1) (0)

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  4. 8 out of 9 people found this helpful

    Re-Order your Custom Backplate NOW!

    nickraylive (verified owner)

    If it’s been a while since you purchased a custom backplate, it may benefit you to place the order again; as some of the design processes have improved exponentially.

    The wiring of RGB Backplates has been re-engineered to a much higher quality standard. Not only “feeling” stronger, but providing direct support for Motherboard 5v RGB headers and Corsair iCUE RGB controllers; in addition to the standard RF SATA design of old.

    They have started rounding the corners of the acrylic and providing black painted magnets instead of the silver kind.

    But best of all, they use a single, slightly thicker sheet of acrylic and print the design on top instead of sandwiching the printed design in-between two thinner sheets. This not only makes for a sturdier finished product, but showcases the artwork more accurately as it now has a matte finish; allowing better color accuracy and preventing glare.

    (8) (1)

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  5. looks so coool

    dreem12 (verified owner)

    the Backplate i Ordered with Sombra Logo loooks sooo damn hot and the color with Remote is so easy to fix its a top notch .. Welldone V1 and ty.

    Photo has been removed

    (0) (0)

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