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  • Our PSU Shroud Side Covers are designed to mount on top of your existing PSU Shrouds using included double-sided tape. The Addressable RGB LEDs run along the top 1/2" and the cable comes out the top right corner. You can mount these plates on top of the shroud cover, on the right side of your motherboard tray, and to cover drive cags. Create your own design and we will tailor it to best fit the dimensions provided! 

    Max Length 20" (50.5cm)

    Max Height 6" (15cm)

    +$10 for each revision.

  • Our GPU Support Bracket was designed to remove sag from ANY GPU model in style! Supports 2-3 slot cards of any size and length. The support pieces can be mounted along with any point of the length and on either side of the bracket. All RGB Support Brackets include a 20 inch (50cm) long 5V 3Pin Addressable Header Cable.

    Support Bracket Dimensions: (10.32" or  260mm long by 1.6" or 40mm tall)

  • Turnaround times are now 1-3 business days which does not include shipping times mentioned at checkout! Everything is made to order here in Dallas, TX USA! 

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