The Center Point of any PC is the Graphics Card.

For the longest time these card’s “Good Side” have faced down with the back left bear or boring.

That changes now with what we believe will have the greatest impact on any builds internal aesthetics.

Included with every Backplate is a SATA Powered Controller and RF Remote featuring 215 Lighting Modes!

A Corsair Commander Pro Connector for iCUE Support and Sync!

A 5V Motherboard Header Cable to Power & Control the LEDs with Supported Software Control.

Souls of heros by Donnie art

Our GPU Backplates attach 1 of 2 ways.

1) You can use our included double-sided tape as the best solution for when you’re transporting your system to LAN parties or shipping a build to a client.

2) We also include adhesive backed magnets you can use to make our backplates easy to attach, swap, or remove.

These methods will not void your warranty and will work with any GPU Model, whether you have a pre-installed backplate or not!

Choose A Design!

All our products are custom art pieces made to order directly from our headquarters in Dallas, Texas USA!

This allows us to offer extreme levels of customizability and compatibility.

We work directly with the top GPU Manufacturers to ensure our plates are tailored perfectly for every model on the market.

Why Buy a V1 Tech GPU Backplate if they don’t affect temperatures or help with sag? Why not get a Vertical Support Bracket?

Through testing, our results prove metal backplates that screw on do not affect temperatures or sag support. So we decided to focus on what matters most, the aesthetics!

And don’t even get us started on Vertical Support Brackets. Check out these 3 videos by accredited tech reviewers to show you why our solution is #1!

RGB Done Clean.

Edge lighting is the simple touch of RGB your backplate doesn’t need, but deserves. A bright guardian, a watchful protector, a RGB Knight.

1) Select a design 2) Select your GPU