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Custom Design Fan Grills


Clean, custom made, one of a kind Fan Grills with innovative designs in a variety of color options that allows you to customize the look and uniqueness of any build. No interference, 100% safe, and easy to install!

  • Everything is made on a first come first serve basis. We are currently backed up. Please expect a one week processing time for all orders and a 2 week processing time for all custom design orders and custom cables. Thank you!

  • Have a custom design you'd like us to produce?

    Leave a message with the project details. Please upload all fonts, logos, images, or examples. We will email you with an initial proof that we'll edit to match the desired design within reason before producing. We may quote a bit more for complex requests if needed as well as provide multiple options and suggestions with each proof. Turn around time for custom one-off designs may also take longer to process.

    ex: 120mm

    • $
    • 80 $
    • 2.5 $
    • 5 $
    • (max file size 500 MB)
    • (max file size 500 MB)
    • (max file size 500 MB)
    • (max file size 500 MB)
    • (max file size 500 MB)
Weight 5.33 oz
Dimensions 11.25 x 8 x 1 in


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